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  • Constructued with anodised aluminium framework, for corrosion free and durable structure.
  • Engineered and Certified to Australian Standards.
  • 7 Year Warranty.
  • Use polycarbonate for UV protection and shelter providing 75% shade and 99% UV protection.
  • Include matching guttering and downpipes.
  • Come in a completely prefabricated kit with easy to follow DIY instructions.
  • Wind rated to 138 km/h on the basic model.
  • Available in a range of colours to suit your home or business.

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Cantaport KCR5130 as BBQ Shade

The Cantaport solution is a versatile and attractive shade solution that brings you strength, protection, modern lines and ease of installation and can be used in a variety of positions and situations. The compact, prefabricated kits that represent the range of available shapes and sizes make this shade solution easy to install. Produced to the highest standards of quality this state of the art technology is a sophisticated yet simple and affordable alternative.

The Cantaport range of shade solutions comes in kit form with models and dimensions predetermined rather then being made to measure. The Cantaport range is designed to to be a DIY Shade Solution with comprehensive instructions for the installation and assembly of all models. GA Shade is happy to provide service for the installation of the Cantaport solutions. Delivery of the Cantaport Shade Solution kits is available at a very reasonable rate to any destination in Australia.

A canopy that is 250 times stronger than glass!
Polycarbonate sheets have impact resistance approximately 250 times higher than glass and can even withstand being hit with a hammer. Designed to withstand any weather conditions.

DIY Shade Solutions
The Cantaport range of solutions are available in a compact, easy to install kits. Totally prefabricated, pre-drilled and pre-cut to length and accompanied by a comprehensive instruction manual that will guide you every step of the way and help you put the solution together like a seasoned professional.

Professional Installation Available
GA Shade has a team of qualified and experienced installers that operate in the Sydney, Canberra and Wollongong area that can help you get your Cantaport solution installed and assembled. Please Contact Us to find out more about the availability and price of this service.

Cantaport Shade Solutions can be applied as a domestic or commercial shade solution for protection of most recreational and other vehicles as well as bikes and motorcycles and entertaining and recreational areas. This state of the art shade solution is available in a wide range of shapes and sizes that will bring you years of service and protection and still look like it did on the day it was installed, thanks to the precisely engineered annodised aluminium framework and support of the SEVEN YEAR WARRANTY. With many solutions available in various shapes and sizes you are sure to find a model that will work for your space.

Beware the Pretenders
As is common with proven quality of products available on the market today, there are inferior copies out there that try to convince you that they are as good as the real thing. Cantaport also encounters these issues with similar products that claim to be the same quality but fall short of the mark. Cantaport is designed and fabricated to meet strict Australian Standards and is Engineer Certified...can the others provide proof of these high standards of production and design.

Contact GA Shade to find the best Cantaport solution to meet your needs and to find out more about the Cantaport range of shade and shelter solutions.


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